About Stafford Lynch

Sales / Marketing / Distribution solutions

Stafford Lynch is a leading sales and marketing company which brings together a unique portfolio of exciting consumer brands under a philosophy centred around superior sales, excellent service, extensive distribution reach and outstanding support to our brand principals.

With a particular focus on food, non-food brands and medicinal products, our expert team operates across both take-home and impulse categories and numerous key channels spanning multiples, convenience, home, B2B, foodservice, pharmacy, discounters, health stores and online.

We are a trusted long-standing partner to some of the world’s leading companies and have a unique portfolio of consumer brands. We have unique capabilities as a full-service, multi-channel distributor with exceptional reach and a track record of creating engaging brand campaigns that deliver superior results to our brand partners.

We work with our customers to develop forward thinking strategies and plans, based on data and market intelligence, to drive sales and brand awareness across multiple key channels.

If you are looking for a sales/marketing/distribution solution for the Irish market let’s talk!